Top 2 Repairs For Dodge Vehicles

According to Certified Care Care, the 2 most common repairs for Dodge vehicles are:

Engine – engine oil sludge is not just messy but is also the worst complaint from Dodge car owners. It is common to several of the Dodge sedan models and has been a problem since 1999. The models with the 2.7 liter V6 motor has an oil circulation system that is flawed in design. What happens is the regular oil in the motor will get hotter than it should causing the motor oil to gel. When the gel settles in the motor the oil cannot provide the cooling that is necessary for your motor. In turn the motor stores the heat which results in a friction increase and leads to excessive wear. If you pay attention to your maintenance schedule you should be able to avoid this problem. One example is to make sure and replace the crankcase ventilation breather also know as a PCV every 30,000 miles. Dodge owners should also never drive your vehicle with an overheated engine. It is also important to have your cooling system checked on a regular basis. To play it on the safe side have your oil changed every 3000 miles and use an oil with a high detergent.

Flimsy Dashboards – If you own a Dodge Ram truck chances are you have a flimsy dashboard. The dashboards used in Dodge trucks are made up of materials that cannot even go a few years without exhibiting problems. This may not be as big a deal as an oil sludge problem with your motor, but having a dashboard with sharp edges is a concern. What appears as a small crack on the drivers side can lead to cracks across the dashboard that expand from one side of the dash to the other. The best way to combat this problem is to start out with a good aftermarket dash cover before the problem starts.