The Mendeola 2D Transmission vs The VW 091

The Mendeola 2D 4 speed transmission has been beefed up in all the weak areas the VW 091 had a problem with. It now offers a new heavy duty case and gear set for motors that are pushing 500hp. This is a great feature for dune buggies and offroad vehicles that are pushing out high horsepower. The 2D has a 10 inch diameter ring and pinion gear set which outdoes the 091 that only came with an eight inch diameter ring and pinion. The 2D tooth set in the ring and pinion was designed for maximum horse power to the rear wheels which allows this transmission to be put into many offroad vehicles or dune buggies. If you are running a mid engine dune buggy it is also available in a reverse rotation.

When looking at a VW transmission and a Mendeola 2D transmission the appearance of both are similar, but the strength of the 2D is much more durable in order to harness the additional horsepower. Once you take a closer look at the Mendeola 2D you will notice the case has been reinforced in areas the VW 091 failed. The bell housing of the 2D will connect right up to an air cooled VW motor, but the starter has been moved to the center top of the transmission.

JM4 Motorsports states that the Mendeola 2D transmission is also designed to be a little narrower which allows the axles to be longer and reduce the angle of the CV joints. Another important improvement is the transaxle chassis mounts have been positioned differently to absorb the horsepower that the dune buggy and offroad cars are delivering. If you are considering the VW 091 and the Mendeola 2D transmission for your next dune buggy, take into consideration the amount of horsepower your motor will be delivering or you could find yourself with an expensive repair bill.