Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

Cars are a complicated type of machine that requires careful maintenance and care to function properly. At some point, you will be driving down the road and that check engine light will show up. While you may initially fear a significant problem, you may be like many other people who choose ignore the indicator light. Although ignoring a potential problem may feel like the easier option, doing so with an automobile can lead to significant problems down the road.

The indicator light in your car is meant to inform you of a problem with one of the crucial systems. EVAC, timing, and transmission all work together to keep your engine running smoothly, and when that icon lights up, it’s important to pay attention.

You may find that the light shuts off when you refit your gas cap. If this is a common problem, replacing the cap may be all that is needed to stop the light from turning on. However, it can also be a warning of a much bigger problem. If your engine is running too fast (RPM), the timing is off, or is too hot, you could set yourself up for significant repair/replacement costs if you choose to ignore the indicator light.

The best thing to do when your check engine light shows up is to have your engine checked by a certified maintenance garage, such as Certified Car Care. Proper mechanics will have the tools necessary to read codes in the vehicle’s memory and help you resolve the problem so you don’t end up with bigger issues in the near future.