How To Clean Your Roof Top AC Unit On Your Trailer

There is much more to keeping your trailers roof top AC unit clean other than just rinsing off the filter. By cleaning the coils in the unit every few seasons will continue to keep your AC operating efficiently and extend the life of the air conditioner. Over time the evaporator coils and the condenser become clogged with debris and dirt which reduces the performance of the air conditioning unit. By following these simple steps below will allow you to keep your trailers AC blowing out cold air.

A) Make sure the trailer is unplugged from the shore connection so there is no power going into the trailer.

B) If your trailer roof is not rated to be walked on you will need a piece of plywood or wide board so it will support your weight. Remove the 4 nuts that are holding on the air conditioning cover and carefully remove it from the AC unit. Put the cover in a safe place out of the way until the work is complete.

C) You can buy special cleaners that are made to clean the coils on your trailers AC unit that will make the job much easier. If you do not want to purchase a coil cleaner you can use a household product like Simple Green, 409 or any strong degreaser. Apply the coil cleaner on both the condenser and evaporator coils and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes. When you are ready to rinse the solution off the coils you can use a water hose with a spray nozzle. You do not want to use a high powered nozzle since this could damage the cooling fins on the unit. Use caution and gently spray both coils trying not to hit the electric connections. It is always best to try and cover up any electrical if at all possible.

D) Once you are done spraying the coils with water you can use an air compressor to remove the excess water. If the coils are extremely dirty it might be necessary to repeat step C several times until all dirt is removed.

E) Let the AC unit completely dry before putting the cover back on. Once complete plug your trails shore power back in and test the unit.