How To Change A Sprinter Van’s Oil And Filter

In this video Youtube user Bevoin1970 demonstrates how to properly change the oil in a Mercedes Sprinter Van with the 2.2 liter turbo diesel motor. He starts by showing the user where the drain plug is located, in this case underneath the motor. After removing the drain plug with a crescent wrench, the “old” 9 liters of oil drains out. Bevoin1970 then shows the importance of making sure the washer on the drain plug remains in place as it is put back on the oil pan.

After the oil has been drained out he proceeds to unscrew the oil filter and replace it with the new one (while taking a tea break in between!). Once the oil has been poured back in and the filter replaced, he starts up the Sprinter Van and makes sure the oil light doesn’t stay on after initial startup. After watching the video the viewer should be left with a better understanding of how to perform a Sprinter Van Oil Change.


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