Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

Cars are a complicated type of machine that requires careful maintenance and care to function properly. At some point, you will be driving down the road and that check engine light will show up. While you may initially fear a significant problem, you may be like many other people who choose ignore the indicator light. Although ignoring a potential problem may feel like the easier option, doing so with an automobile can lead to significant problems down the road.

The indicator light in your car is meant to inform you of a problem with one of the crucial systems. EVAC, timing, and transmission all work together to keep your engine running smoothly, and when that icon lights up, it’s important to pay attention.

You may find that the light shuts off when you refit your gas cap. If this is a common problem, replacing the cap may be all that is needed to stop the light from turning on. However, it can also be a warning of a much bigger problem. If your engine is running too fast (RPM), the timing is off, or is too hot, you could set yourself up for significant repair/replacement costs if you choose to ignore the indicator light.

The best thing to do when your check engine light shows up is to have your engine checked by a certified maintenance garage, such as Certified Car Care. Proper mechanics will have the tools necessary to read codes in the vehicle’s memory and help you resolve the problem so you don’t end up with bigger issues in the near future.

Top 2 Repairs For Dodge Vehicles

According to Certified Care Care, the 2 most common repairs for Dodge vehicles are:

Engine – engine oil sludge is not just messy but is also the worst complaint from Dodge car owners. It is common to several of the Dodge sedan models and has been a problem since 1999. The models with the 2.7 liter V6 motor has an oil circulation system that is flawed in design. What happens is the regular oil in the motor will get hotter than it should causing the motor oil to gel. When the gel settles in the motor the oil cannot provide the cooling that is necessary for your motor. In turn the motor stores the heat which results in a friction increase and leads to excessive wear. If you pay attention to your maintenance schedule you should be able to avoid this problem. One example is to make sure and replace the crankcase ventilation breather also know as a PCV every 30,000 miles. Dodge owners should also never drive your vehicle with an overheated engine. It is also important to have your cooling system checked on a regular basis. To play it on the safe side have your oil changed every 3000 miles and use an oil with a high detergent.

Flimsy Dashboards – If you own a Dodge Ram truck chances are you have a flimsy dashboard. The dashboards used in Dodge trucks are made up of materials that cannot even go a few years without exhibiting problems. This may not be as big a deal as an oil sludge problem with your motor, but having a dashboard with sharp edges is a concern. What appears as a small crack on the drivers side can lead to cracks across the dashboard that expand from one side of the dash to the other. The best way to combat this problem is to start out with a good aftermarket dash cover before the problem starts.

How To Look For An Air Conditioning Repair Company
AC Outside

To avoid costly air conditioning repair bills it is best to inspect and check you’re A/C components on a yearly basis. If you get into the habit of doing this you could avoid expensive repairs that could have been avoided. The air conditioner is a machine and there is that possibility that it could just stop working. Whether it be a small leak, years of wear and tear or a circuit board it is always good to have a good air conditioning repair service you can count on. When you are into the hot season the air conditioning companies become very busy so having a company you can trust to be there is very important.

The first approach to finding a qualified A/C repair service is to go online and search your local area. This a great way to be able to research the company, check prices and find online reviews to see if their customers were satisfied with the work performed. It is important to make notes on each company your research so when you are ready to go back and make your final decision you have the information at hand.  Once you have decided on a air conditioning company you want to call and ask if they do work on the manufacture of you’re A/C unit and how soon will they be able to get to you. If this is an urgent situation then some companies that will put you at the top of the list and prioritize your repair. Make sure you give them as many details as possible on why your air conditioner is acting up so they can allow the necessary time to make the repair and hopefully not have to come back. Once your appointment is set it is always a good idea to call the day before they are coming to confirm the time and day of your appointment.

How To Clean Your Roof Top AC Unit On Your Trailer

There is much more to keeping your trailers roof top AC unit clean other than just rinsing off the filter. By cleaning the coils in the unit every few seasons will continue to keep your AC operating efficiently and extend the life of the air conditioner. Over time the evaporator coils and the condenser become clogged with debris and dirt which reduces the performance of the air conditioning unit. By following these simple steps below will allow you to keep your trailers AC blowing out cold air.

A) Make sure the trailer is unplugged from the shore connection so there is no power going into the trailer.

B) If your trailer roof is not rated to be walked on you will need a piece of plywood or wide board so it will support your weight. Remove the 4 nuts that are holding on the air conditioning cover and carefully remove it from the AC unit. Put the cover in a safe place out of the way until the work is complete.

C) You can buy special cleaners that are made to clean the coils on your trailers AC unit that will make the job much easier. If you do not want to purchase a coil cleaner you can use a household product like Simple Green, 409 or any strong degreaser. Apply the coil cleaner on both the condenser and evaporator coils and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes. When you are ready to rinse the solution off the coils you can use a water hose with a spray nozzle. You do not want to use a high powered nozzle since this could damage the cooling fins on the unit. Use caution and gently spray both coils trying not to hit the electric connections. It is always best to try and cover up any electrical if at all possible.

D) Once you are done spraying the coils with water you can use an air compressor to remove the excess water. If the coils are extremely dirty it might be necessary to repeat step C several times until all dirt is removed.

E) Let the AC unit completely dry before putting the cover back on. Once complete plug your trails shore power back in and test the unit.

How To Distribute Your Trailer’s Tongue Weight

It is very important to know the tongue weight on your trailer to make sure your tow hitch is rated for the weight and for safety purposes. The definition of tongue weight is the downward pressure that is being put on your tow vehicles hitch. How much weight should be on the tongue of your trailer? The standard rule of thumb is somewhere between 10 to 15 percent of the (GTW) gross trailer weight. Having the correct tongue weight all comes down to safety and having a good towing experience.

What happens if the trailer tongue weight is on the light side? If there is not enough downward pressure on the tow vehicles ball hitch it could result in trailer sway which can be very dangerous. You can also run into a problem if the tongue weight is too heavy. Having to much tongue weight can have an effect on the tow vehicles steering. Adjusting tongue weight is not difficult to do, as long as you know how much weight to shift towards the front of the trailer.

So to explain it further think of the trailer acting like a lever and the axle of the trailer is the pivot point for the lever. If the tongue weight on the trailer is too heavy you will need to adjust the weight behind the trailers axle. If the tongue on the trailer is to light you will need to adjust the weight forward of the trailers axle. So what is the best way to figure out the tongue weight on your trailer? Most trailer owners know the actual gross trailer weight. If you do not know the weight then it would be best to go to a public scale and have it weighed. By knowing what your trailer weighs it will help you in properly adjusting the tongue weight of your trailer.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

There are several variables that go into how long the brake pads on your car will last. It depends on your driving style, weight of the car, freeway driving versus city driving and the area you live in. Manufacturers of brake pads give a range anywhere from 25,000 to 75,000 miles and some vehicles can get as much as 100,000 miles before the brake pads need to be replaced. Brake pads are not all made of the same material, there are metallic, semi-metallic, organic and synthetic pads available. Each material has its own characteristics that contribute to the life of the brake pad. Below is a description of the different brake pads available.

Metallic – This pad is made of a variety of pressure bonded metals and was once the number one choice in race vehicles. New technological advances in other brake materials has made the metallic pads obsolete.
Semi-Metallic – This brake pad is a mix of organic materials along with various metals ranging from copper, iron and steel. This pad is more resistant to heat and has a harder surface.

Organic – This pad is made from non metallic fibers that are bonded into a composite material. The composite material is treated with powdered metals, graphite and other friction modifiers which transfer heat and reduce noise.

Synthetic – the synthetic pad is sometimes called the ceramic pad. These pads are made from fiberglass, nonmetallic and non organic materials. They weigh less than half of a standard pad, are more durable, last longer and withstand heat and cold which offers better stopping power.

Out of the above brake pad materials it has been found that the organic pads have the best stopping power, but having good stopping power is going to wear you pads down quicker. The semi-metallic and synthetic pads come on most cars today, they last longer and work well in most driving conditions.

Be Ready For Any Trip With The Right RV Parts

To be ready for a trip at any time, it is important to keep your RV stocked with all the accessories one could need. There are so many different options that any kind of traveler can customize their vehicle to their tastes, when they have the right RV parts. Finding the right source for all your add-ons can be the beginning of a valuable relationship that will hopefully last for years to come. Whatever you need, it can all be found in the same place.

There are many different important accessories that help facilitate a comfortable life in your RV. There are refrigerators to keep your food supplies and other important items fresh and ready. This can be especially handy when traveling with a group that needs to be cooked for. Satellite systems and other related add-ons are also available, allowing travelers to stay in touch with their loved ones while on the go. Having a working form of communication is also useful in case of emergency. Everyone likes to get away from it all, but sometimes you need to keep one connection intact.

Getting the right accessories for your RV is important, whether the concern is comfort, safety, or something else. It allows your vehicle to accommodate all guests and facilitates a fun trip for everyone. The possibilities that an RV represents are endless, and having all the right RV parts is the key to accessing those possibilities. Get searching now and find the right source for everything your RV needs today.

Maintaining And Servicing Your Heater
Heater Repair

Fall is here and before those cold nights set in it is time to have your annual checkup on your furnace. If you ignore the yearly inspection and cleaning, your furnace will have a better chance of breaking down, stop working entirely or even worse distribute carbon monoxide into your house. The biggest problem that occurs in your heating system is dirt. Dirt in your system will lower its efficiency to heat, use more fuel than is required and wear parts at a faster rate. Another important service tip is to have the system lubricated and check the belt to see if it needs adjusting.

Whatever type of furnace you have, you do not want to wait until those cold nights are here and your furnace does not want to come on. When your furnace is adjusted properly and clean it will save you money and extend the life of your furnace. A typical annual furnace service usually cost around $100.00 to perform which is much cheaper than having to replace it with a new heater because of lack of maintenance and service. So do not wait until the cold weather hits and you are without a working furnace, have your heater checked out and serviced to keep it running efficiently through the cold nights approaching us.

How To Change A Sprinter Van’s Oil And Filter

In this video Youtube user Bevoin1970 demonstrates how to properly change the oil in a Mercedes Sprinter Van with the 2.2 liter turbo diesel motor. He starts by showing the user where the drain plug is located, in this case underneath the motor. After removing the drain plug with a crescent wrench, the “old” 9 liters of oil drains out. Bevoin1970 then shows the importance of making sure the washer on the drain plug remains in place as it is put back on the oil pan.

After the oil has been drained out he proceeds to unscrew the oil filter and replace it with the new one (while taking a tea break in between!). Once the oil has been poured back in and the filter replaced, he starts up the Sprinter Van and makes sure the oil light doesn’t stay on after initial startup. After watching the video the viewer should be left with a better understanding of how to perform a Sprinter Van Oil Change.

The Mendeola 2D Transmission vs The VW 091

The Mendeola 2D 4 speed transmission has been beefed up in all the weak areas the VW 091 had a problem with. It now offers a new heavy duty case and gear set for motors that are pushing 500hp. This is a great feature for dune buggies and offroad vehicles that are pushing out high horsepower. The 2D has a 10 inch diameter ring and pinion gear set which outdoes the 091 that only came with an eight inch diameter ring and pinion. The 2D tooth set in the ring and pinion was designed for maximum horse power to the rear wheels which allows this transmission to be put into many offroad vehicles or dune buggies. If you are running a mid engine dune buggy it is also available in a reverse rotation.

When looking at a VW transmission and a Mendeola 2D transmission the appearance of both are similar, but the strength of the 2D is much more durable in order to harness the additional horsepower. Once you take a closer look at the Mendeola 2D you will notice the case has been reinforced in areas the VW 091 failed. The bell housing of the 2D will connect right up to an air cooled VW motor, but the starter has been moved to the center top of the transmission.

JM4 Motorsports states that the Mendeola 2D transmission is also designed to be a little narrower which allows the axles to be longer and reduce the angle of the CV joints. Another important improvement is the transaxle chassis mounts have been positioned differently to absorb the horsepower that the dune buggy and offroad cars are delivering. If you are considering the VW 091 and the Mendeola 2D transmission for your next dune buggy, take into consideration the amount of horsepower your motor will be delivering or you could find yourself with an expensive repair bill.